Uchenna Dance is a touring dance company that mixes dance styles Waacking, Vogue and House, with African and Contemporary dance, to create shows that are both entertaining and empowering:

  • Hansel & Gretel – The classic fairy tale gets a dance makeover
  • The Head Wrap Diaries – Mixing dance, theatre and storytelling with a good dose of humour
  • Our Mighty Groove – An immersive-interactive dance theatre production that transports you to a New York underground House Club
  • Life After – A personal perspective of how music can be used as a tool to ease the pain and suffering felt after the passing of a loved one
  • What Is Woman? – A piece that reflects and projects the notion of femininity and how it is embodied within a multicultural society
  • Moving Solo – An exploration of the body and its dynamic qualities whilst in motion

Now playing: The Head Wrap Diaries

©2018 Uchenna Dance LTD is a company limited by guarantee.  Company number 7984262.  Registered office, 29/30 Fitzroy Square, London, W1T 6LQ, England. 

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