The Head Wrap Diaries at the Capstone Theatre:

Uchenna Dance: The Head Wrap Diaries at the Capstone Theatre

by Kristy Stott, Theatre Editor,

In The Head Wrap Diaries at Liverpool’s Capstone Theatre, three fierce, clever and witty female characters take us through stories of community, heritage, womanhood, friendship, and most importantly, hair.

Set within a South London hair-salon called BE-U-Tiful, The Head Wrap Diaries gives the audience front row seats to watch, interact with and be immersed in a journey from childhood to the present day. The narrative is told through a unique blend of House, Waacking and Vogue fused with African and Contemporary dance, which is accompanied by a specially commissioned soundtrack of Afro-house, folk, electronic dance music, jazz and Ghana gospel.

The Head Wrap Diaries is accompanied by a pre-show art installation which will get you in the mood; there is also a post-show Head Wrap Bar which gives you the opportunity to meet the company, share experiences, have a drink and test out some head wrapping for yourself.

Recommended for ages five and up, this show celebrates the versatility in Afro-hair and promises to be a vibrant, empowering and uplifting experience for all audience members. Engaging, authentic and grounded in culture, The Head Wrap Diaries has community, conversation and participation at its heart and proud Afro-vibes dancing in its soul.

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